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Metaverse crypto token by MetaOneVerse

What are the Metaverse Coins?

Metaverse crypto coins work as a virtual currency that people use in the metaverse virtual world. Coin holders have the authority to pay within the 3D universe, from buy to sell in any required resources i.e. from Clothing to food to travel or real estate.  Metaverse coin is not just valid as an in-game currency but it holds the value for both inside and outside of the metaverse. One more and important aspect of metaverse crypto coins is that you can convert them into real money. For example, In the case of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), you can use them to verify the ownership of digital assets like artworks or collectibles.

There are three types of metaverse coins in the market.

  • (P2E) Play-to-earn games

During playing games players win rewards with real world value. This is the most common and popular type of metaverse crypto, they are also widely available in exchange platforms. 

  • 3-Dynamic virtual metaverses

As compared to the simpler P2E games, they offer a virtual universe experience. You will find them very less but with ultra complexities than other types of metaverse currencies, these virtual realities are worth billions of dollars. These can also serve as platforms for P2E games.

  • Metaverse platforms

These include the blockchains that serve as the foundation of 3D metaverses.

Why to choose MetaOneVerse as a crypto coin?

You must be aware about metaverse coins present out there, but not all of them are worth your money. Here I would like to explain why MetaOneVerse stands out from all others. Keep reading!


Crypto metaverse coin
cryptocurrency with blockchain development

What is MetaOneVerse? How does it actuall

A MetaOneverse is a Hyper-Deflationary Token with Metaverse Development, Staking, MetaOneVerse Charity Programme, NFT marketplace, Blockchain development & Web 3 apps with BUSD rewards to its holders into their wallet for holding. Our smart contract ensure to generate a passive income solution for our holders MetaOneVerse Token works on an autonomous, frictionless, yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. The 6% BUSD Rewarding Token With NFT marketplace & Metaverse development, going to revolutionize the Metaverse on Blockchain technology.


  • 6% of every buy/transfer/sell is redistributed to all holders in $BUSD.
  • 1% of every transaction is transferred into the Liquidity Pool on Pancake swap to create a stable price floor.
  • 1% of every transaction is used for strategic Buy-Back & Burn.
  • 4% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development and community management.


Before doing any investment, you need to understand its terms and conditions in detail. Have to do research completely before investing money in any money making platform! Therefore, Metaverse coins also need a close study to determine the correct investment or earning a profit. MetaOneVerse crypto coin is one of the best options in which one should invest. Metaverse is a new and innovative technical concept by which many users are actually attracted. So it is a unique and new concept for everyone to invest.

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