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Metaverse Crypto Coin
Metaverse token crypto

MetaOneVerse Blockchain Token

Virtual circle

Developer Friendly

Move fast and ship your product. MetaOneVerse Blockchain will be very easy to deploy smart contract and create cutting edge level apps.


Virtual reality

Energy Efficient

MetaOneVerse Blockchain will be an energy efficient blockchain, solving the problem of carbon emission.

Rate high

Latest Technology

Build on a next-generation, shared, multichain network, while employing the newest features before they are deployed on M1Verse Blockchain. 

web3 Technology

Decentralised Network

MetaOneVerse is owned and governed by a community of network participants who vote on and control the evolution of the network. Have a voice and make your mark in the evolution of the network. 

Blockchain & Web3

High Transaction Speed

Build on a next-generation, shared, multichain network, while employing the newest features M1Verse will be the fastest blockchain of its time.                            

Virtual circle

Best Experience

For team looking to move to M1Verse Blockchain after fine tuning on MetaOneVerse testnet, begin building your community and brand on MetaOneVerse before deployment.

Web3 MetaOneVerse Development

BSC Tokens

Web3 MetaOneVerse

MetaOneVerse will further develop its own Web3 apps on Blockchain which will enable user to trade on a decentralized online ecosystem based on the blockchain. 

Platforms and apps built on Web3 won’t be owned by MetaOneVerse, but rather by users, who will earn their ownership stake by helping to develop and maintain those services. 

So, buying M1Verse token will get you your shares & passive income in the apps & utilities developed by team all along, it will create a transparent revenue sharing ecosystem leading to a strong earning to users.


MetaOneVerse is a Hyper-Deflationary token with Metaverse development, Staking,  MetaOneVerse charity programme, NFT marketplace & Blockchain.  MetaOneVerse token works on an autonomous, frictionless, yield farming and liquidity generation protocol. Hold $M1Verse and earn BUSD rewards.